The owner of S&T Provisions, Brian Giaretta, has proved his marketing prowess through a series of scavenger hunts and other Facebook contests that have garnered citywide attention. In the wake of COVID-19, he is proposing a promotion that has the potential to bring $10,000 cash to every participating business. Below are the details he provided in a message to local business owners.

You all contribute a $300 gift certificate toward a winner-take-all raffle that I will host. Whether you sell pizza or furniture, the only way this works is if everybody gives the same amount and the number has to be big enough to make this newsworthy and a big deal. The catch is these certificates are not valid for use until Jan 1, 2021. This will allow you to raise capital NOW and not have to spend a dollar until next year. I’m purchasing a program to sell tickets electronically as well as physically. It’s a cool program. More specifics on that later. Moral of the story is we can all physically sell tickets AND sell them to our following, etc. electronically.

I will be purchasing the program ($250) and contributing a $400 value (free pizza for 6 months) toward the prize, but I will not be collecting any capital gained from ticket sales. We are still fully operational and doing just fine.  Raffle tickets will cost $10 a piece. Whatever we raise as a group, YOU ALL will split evenly.

Example: if we get 20 businesses to do this, it will be a $6,000 value prize. That’s a good size, and will get media coverage. On average, if every business sells 1,000 tickets (I personally think we can average more), that’s $10,000 in capital per business, and you only pay $300 in 2021 when the winner eventually collects. If they collect….

That’s the general idea. I’m trying to do something that can help everybody now with no immediate impact on business. Also, being able to sell with “no-contact” is obviously a must right now. Let me know if you have any questions, and let me know if you are in by this Wednesday. Preferably as soon as possible. I would like to launch the event this weekend and give it 2-4 weeks for sales. I’ll finalize that when I see how much interest there is.

If you are a business owner who is interested in participating, please contact Brian via Facebook messenger, call 773-238-5990, or email info@sandtprovisions.

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