The 95th Street Beverly Hills Business Association represents and promotes member businesses

Good Business is Our Priority

We work tirelessly to strengthen the economic backbone of 95th Street.



Networking Opportunites

The Association holds monthly meetings and provides other opportunities for members to build relationships and support each other.

Connections to Business Resources

We provide information from local and state government agencies, as well as nonprofit groups, that can assist local businesses. Visit our Business Resources page.

Timely and Effective Communication

Our quarterly newsletter provides news and updates from local businesses and the city of Chicago, including new programs and policies that could affect members. We also send alerts via email and social media to warn businesses of emergency situations or criminal activity, such as a rash of bad checks turning up in the business community.

Promotional Events

We host events to showcase 95th Street’s commercial corridor and bring new customers into our unique local businesses. We also partner with other organizations on larger programs.

Economic Development & Recruitment

We share information about programs that can help members grow their businesses and improve their bottom line. We also look for opportunities to attract new companies that will enhance the quality of our commercial district.

Educational Workshops

The association works in partnership with other local business associations to present informative business workshops on a variety of topics, including marketing, energy audits, and healthcare policy changes.

Farmers Market

The 95th Street Beverly Hills Business Association manages the only farmers market in the 19th Ward. This longstanding market has a loyal local following and also draws shoppers from surrounding neighborhoods, creating opportunities for businesses on 95th Street to attract new customers on Sunday mornings from May through October.

Online Promotion of Member Businesses

Our website, social media channels, and email work together to support local businesses and boost their visibility. We publish a directory of 95th Street businesses online. 

Beautification and Maintenance

The association provides litter pickup, wedding, sidewalk sweeping, and snow plowing for the businesses on 95th Street. The sidewalks along 95th Street are plowed when snow reaches a depth of two inches or more. A six-foot wide path is cleared to assist merchants in providing access to their stores and complying with the City of Chicago snow removal ordinance. In addition, during the holiday season 95th Street is transformed into a winter wonderland for merchants and residents to enjoy. White lights illuminate the trees in the median, and the light poles are festooned with red ribbons with green garlands.

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