The city of Chicago is launching a Home and Business Protection Rebate Program to provide anyone who lives or operates a business in the city with the tools needed to protect their property. The program will provide rebates that help cover the costs of outdoor security cameras and one year of cloud storage for video footage, outdoor motion sensor lighting, and vehicle GPS trackers.

Residents and businesses can qualify for private security resources in two ways:

  1. Home and Business Protection Rebate Program: Individuals who live or operate a business in the city of Chicago will be able to purchase equipment (cameras, cloud storage, lights, and vehicle GPS trackers) and receive financial reimbursement from the City.
  2. Block Club Expansion: Block club leaders will be able to request resources from the City to support expansion or development of block clubs.

To be eligible for the reimbursement, individuals will need to register their cameras with CPD. Please note that:

  • CPD will not have direct access to your camera system.
  • CPD cannot access camera footage without your consent.
  • There is no requirement to provide footage to CPD at any time.

More information about the City’s Home and Business Protection Rebate Program will be made available after the selection of a third-party administrator.
Although not eligible for reimbursement, individuals who already have private security cameras in Chicago will be able to register their equipment and share the location of their cameras with the CPD and aid in criminal investigations.

Register existing security cameras with CPD


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